Azure DigiWalksTM

Azure DigiWalksTM is a single window solution to high-end 360 Panoramic Virtual Tour, Professional Virtual Reality Experiences and High Quality Still Photography requirements of a modern day organisation requiring unmatched quality, uncompromised delivery and consistent user experience throughout the range of content delivery.

Azure Knowledge Corporation is a market leader for providing Digital Services, Mobile Platform and Market Research services across the globe. Azure holds the distinction of creating more panoramic walks troughs in a calendar year than any other digital company in the world.

Azure Brief Introduction :
  • Digital Infotainment partner to Commonwealth Games 2010
  • Executed first ever Live Streaming on Mobile in India – showcasing Closing Ceremony of CWG Games Live on Mobile.
  • Had over 1 million downloads in less than 15 days across 15 countries.
  • First Mobile application to run on every platform including Android, IOS, Black Berry, Symbian, Java and J2ME
  • First ever Personalised Virtual Digital Campus for Education conceptualised and launched.
  • First ever Mobile Directory of Educational campuses launched.
  • Launched one of the largest Education Directory Portal – having more than 35,000 institutes and over 350 courses.
  • Executing Market Research Services in 75 countries and 13 international languages
  • Conceptualised and launched a unique Food ordering application with Actual Images of food items – first of its kind in India.

Azure will empower companies to provide high quality immersive digital experiences to their customers through innovative use of technology and tools powered by best-in-class global team of professionals